Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do You Value Your Liberty?

I am upset beyond words today.
To think our Second Amendment rights could be infringed by an Executive Order.
Are we no longer a Constitutional Republic?
(Executive orders are NOT legislation!)
I have to wonder.

And I have to wonder at the sacrifice made of our liberties, all in the name of "safety".

Read this poem, it will make a tear come to the eye, realizing the TRUE sacrifice made so that we can have our freedom.

Let's not cheapen it by not defending it, people.
Let's not become a government 


(author unknown)

It was from his home that made up his mind.
He weighed all the options before he signed.
He loved his country, his family came first.
He could make a difference, but expected the worst.
He was a soldier boy.

Away from his home he would have to be.
There was a farewell with no guarantee.
A plane to somewhere the youngster would fly.
He would train to kill, so others wouldn't die.
He was a soldier boy.

He soon found himself in a far off land, 
A hostile location with shifting sand.
He would write home, guarding his plight.
He didn't want worry in the middle of the night.
He was a soldier boy.

Heading home soon consumed his thought.
He cherished the idea as he lay on his cot.
His mother' cherry pie entered his mind.
He missed them all, they were one of a kind.
He was a soldier boy.

There was a day when a firefight broke out.
"We need a medic," a private would shout.
The enemy was routed, like the day before.
Counting the dead was no easy chore.
He was a soldier boy.

There is a land far off that seldom we see,
An ultimate sacrifice that those may go free.
A tragic loss: what could he have been?
And on his etched marker,"I would do it again."
He was a soldier Boy.


Boyett-Brinkley said...

I listen to conservative radio (Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc.) on my afternoon commute and this was being discussed at length yesterday
. My daughter says it is illegal for this to happen. I don't think legalities matter anymore. Another bill being proposed is to do away with term limits. We are living in serious times, I am afraid. I wonder if this is how our founding fathers felt?

Debbie said...

Yes. How they rush to supposedly 'solve' the problem. Anything to keep from addressing the real problems we're facing in this country. This government hasn't answered for the deaths of the 4 killed in Libya. What a corrupt bunch we've got in Washington.
God help our servicemen and women serving under this leadership.

Chasity said...

Our freedom is being threatened! It scares me to think about what executive order they will try to put in place.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

I posted this to my facebook this a.m.
If this is the case why does obama need to make another ex order? The law is there already.

"At least two presidents have used executive orders to limit some weapons. The first time it happened was in 1989, after a mass school shooting Stockton, California, as President George H.W. Bush used a 1968 gun control law to limit the importation of foreign firearms - his executive order banned the shipment of certain assault weapons, unless they were used for sporting purposes.

o In 1998, President Bill Clinton expanded on the Bush Administration move by banning the import of almost five dozen different assault weapons that had been modified to get through that "sporting purposes" exemption."

No budget cuts, no budget, no answers to the deaths in the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, He needs to do his job not look for ways to please the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Pray for our counry...God bless the U.S.A

Deb said...

I don't even know what to say to this, except that it all began the day they kicked God to the curb.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to take away our guns. The concern is these semi automatic weapons and large round magazines people are using to wipe out school children, innocent people watching movies etc. A ban on these would be a good start to stopping these senseless killings. No one needs to own these types of weapons. It is the only kind of gun to be restricted. Everyone can still have their 2nd Amendment Rights. No one needs guns designed for Military use only. They are designed for one thing only, to kill people. We mustn't cloud the issue that the 2nd Amendment is going to be abolished. It isn't going to happen. The NRA says we have sufficient gun laws, they are just not adequately enforced. An Executive Order is to direct government how to enforce existing laws. By the way, when the 2nd Amendment was put in place our founding fathers had muskets to go hunting not assault weapons.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my above comment.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Kathleen, you said what you did so sweetly, but if you think the 2nd amendment is about hunting, then you are sadly mistaken, take another look. NO where in the amendment does it say anything about hunting.

What it has to do with is keeping tyrants in government at bay. It is also to keep enemies who might infiltrate our land at bay.

You need to put things into perspective, none of this is about hunting and those that say so are either ignorant of our founding, or they are purposefully deceptive.

Thanks for your views, but revisit them in light of the truth, instead of popular media talking points.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, my main focus is our freedoms are taken away more and more. We have to have car seats, we have to wear seat belts, we can't discipline our children (we're harming them), we can't decide if we want to carry health insurance or not - we are FORCED to buy prescription plans, and now obamacare, and they have always tried to take our guns. Freedom of speech is taken away from Christians (Christians only). Judges are harming our country with their liberal views and setting the guilty free. A cop killer in my city just got 4 years (will probably get out on "good" behavior in 2). He killed a police and there is no longer regard for police. The judge and the killer are both of the same race! It wasn't the gun that caused this! This liberal judge will probably be the cause of another death by this killer. Illinois just voted to give illegals driver's license. They MUST have proof of insurance. Every time I try to get bids on car insurance I HAVE to give my social security number. How in the world are these illegals going to manage that? Illegal - Illegal - Illegal - what does America NOT understand about the word ILLEGAL??? We are in serious trouble and this is just another step to take away our guns completely!

Concerned in Florida said...

Thank you for commenting on the true purpose of the 2nd amendment. It is to protect us from tyranny either from abroad or within. The fact of the matter is that we stand at the precipice of tyranny at this very moment. A terrible thing happened. Sub-prime loans were bundled and sold and when the loans were not paid the system collapsed. Instead of going after the legislators and large bank structures such as Lehmans, Goldman Sachs, etc. we decided to add another social program we could not afford onto the backs of the working and job creating backbone of our country. While America watches news stories of Kim Kardashian - the European social states are collapsing from their unfunded social programs and their currency is in peril. We are an even bigger Greece and we stand to lose everything. The U.N., meanwhile, proposes laws to trump the very Constitution of our country. These are threats to our way of living and yet we are being divided and torn apart by isolating various social and economic groups within our own communities. I have to ask myself why we do not have a leader asking us to remain calm and gathering all of us together. I have to wonder why we have a media that remains silent about so many important issues and refuses to shine a light on what is occurring. We can bring this back together as faithful women. By refusing to enter a dividing fight but instead to all gather our families and friends and community together. Let us shine the bright light and stand in the truth. Let us put on the amour of God and protect both Democrat and Republican families that work hard and love much. It is not a party issue - they are making it one - do not let them speak for "We the People". We can not be emotional about this but must look at each issue with rational discourse and education on the foundations of this country. I am thankful that this is a place for civil discourse and I so appreciate Kathleen bringing up her issue with trying to fix a horribly violent society. We must explore all avenues and also dig into the root cause of this violence. (I don't believe it is the guns but why were those guns accessible to a deeply troubled young man? Why wasn't the mother able to get immediate psychiatric help for her son? Why wasn't the school more secure?) I have so many questions.

Anonymous said...

Joni, Hunting was not my point. I feel the 2nd Amendment is meant for militia, not individuals. Again I have no problem with everyone in America having guns, I own guns. My problem is with semi-automatic weapons and the large round magazines. They should not be accessible to individuals period. I know this will not stop all the violence but it is a good start. How do you feel about semi=automatic weapons? Do you feel we should all have them in our homes?
To Concerned In Florida, thank you for your kind words. I have many questions about Newtown also. it could have been my Grandchildren's school. People are not safe anywhere and I don't believe all of us owning semi-automatic weapons is the answer. I have to say I am grateful to live in America for all its faults. We have the right to have these conversations and disagreements without consequence. There is no place on earth like it! I have traveled to other countries and there is no comparison.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Kathleen: I own a semi-automatic weapon. It fires ONLY ONE BULLET at a time.

Let me quote the second amendment, because that reflects how I feel about the right to keep and bear arms...

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


I should be able to own any type of firearm I want to. I am a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.

There are reasons I should be able to have whatever weapon I choose and those reasons have to do with tyranny.

Ask the Jews how they felt about first having to REGISTER in a NATIONAL REGISTRY in Germany, and then, once registered, they seized them from the Jews after passing a law making it a crime for any Jew to possess a firearm. paraphrase another of our founding fathers had this to say:
Those who would give up Essential Liberty
to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

If there is anything I could tell you this would be it: the absence of liberty is slavery.

Anonymous said...

Joni: So you would agree we should ban magazines that fire large rounds of semi automatic weapons will only fire ONE BULLET which would definitely help with these mass slaughters of innocent people.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...


All Americans.

Say a foreign invader wants to come into our country. Do you want your friends who live near you to have a pea shooter or an AR-15.

NO LIMITS. No limits on magazines.

Just like the dumb limit Bloomberg put on soda pop in can just go ahead and buy TWO! DUMB!

So what if you limit a clip to ten bullets?! All the one with bad intent must do is have another clip!

The automatic weapon ALREADY only fires ONE BULLET at a time.

Let me quote you something George Mason (co-author of the second amendment) said at the time the second amendment was being hashed out -

I ask sir, what is the Militia? It is the WHOLE people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.


Mary Ann Potter said...

The enslavement of the American people began when we allowed heathens and reprobates and liars to do our talking for us. As long as there is breath in my body, I will continue to press on in prayer and positive action as the Lord directs me. Glenn Beck said awhile back that we need to be our highest selves; we do that best when we're on our knees. I grew up in the '50's, and I never thought I'd see this nation reject God and spit in His face. We will not remain silent. We will not become part of the problem. We are the solution. I fear for those who continue to reject all that is good; those who give in to the deception are just as guilty as those who perpetuate it. God help us. We are poor, blind, and naked without Him.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you and I need guns - even automatic weapons - to fight tyranny (oppressive power exerted by our government). If you think these guns are going to protect us from our government or any government you are sadly mistaken. Hand to hand combat would be a joke. One drone will find anyone they want and take them out in a heart beat. The only thing buying lots of guns and ammo is doing is making the gun and ammunition manufacturers RICH, RICH, RICH. I guess it is helping the economy. My argument is the innocent people mowed down by these automatic weapons. It is my only concern. If you want to fight tyranny or dark shadows lurking around the corner go for it.
You and I agree to disagree on this subject.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I'll go down fighting, not helpless and defenseless, as my founding fathers intended.

You can ignore our constitution if you want to Kathleen: cars kill far more people than guns, and yet we aren't bent on outlawing those. Hammers, too, kill more people than guns, did you know that? It's true. You should be on a campaign to rid the country of hammers.

It borders on scary to hear someone so dismissive of the very basic right granted to me by God and natural law, to protect my sovereign individual self, my family, and my property.

You can talk to me as if I am some sort of conspiracy nut but do remember this: Everything, every single thing the Germans did to the Jews WAS LEGAL.

Anonymous said...

OMG, such non sense, no one wants to take your guns away, just make it more difficult for some to purchase assault weapons, you don't need them and to have stronger laws when purchasing guns/ammo. I see you listen to Huckabee with the hammer comment, that is pure foolishness to compare guns to hammers or cars. And, if anyone believe they can go after the government shooting their way through this so call tyranny then you are all a bit off base! Why not spend time doing something beneficial rather than have ramblings that in the end will be proven for naught. Maria

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I think this goes farther than the guns. We have a country that has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. These documents were written to provide a limited federal gov't and give more ruling power to the states. The Bill of Rights is a list of basic rights that we, as human beings, have an unalienable right to -- like to protect ourselves, our family, our property from whatever, whomever threatens it whether that threat comes from somebody staging a home invasion or a tyrannical government. I think the gun issue is more of a "symptom" -- a good number of us are feeling that we are losing our liberty to a government that is ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Once those documents become "obsolete", then we are open to all manner of oppression and control and, if I remember my history correctly, American was founded to reject being controlled by a government.

I was a child in the 50's and 60's and we never had to worry about going to a movie theater, school, walking to a friends house. We didn't have mass murders, we didn't have child abductions, we didn't feel unsafe. I now feel unsafe going into my yard and I live in a gated community. I feel this way because I feel that my government has become my enemy, not an entity there for my well-being. I appreciate that not everyone feels the same as I do. What I don't appreciate is the fact that I am being told I am wrong or unstable or whatever just because I have seen another America and prefer it.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the law of the land and the idea that an elected official can choose to bypass these laws and that nobody is stopping it is, not only illegal, it is frightening.

Joni, you made reference to Hitler. Well, WW2 was before my time but not my mother's and I remember how my mother used to say she didn't understand how people just allowed it to happen and didn't even try to fight it. Well, look around.

Anonymous said...

The problem is too many people in America drink the kool-aid. That is why America is in such a shameful, unsafe, sinful state! If people would read the Bible and truly, truly live for the Lord Jesus we would not have these problems. We would not have the president we have!!

Concerned in Florida said...

I think Kathleen's issue, as she stated, is how to stop these mass shootings of innocents. I also think Joni is pointing out that going after the guns is not going to stop this kind of killing and jeopardizes the very Constitutional rights that keep the balance of power in our country. Even with a state ban on assault weapons the Luby massacre happened in Texas. When Australia banned assault weapons and took them away only criminals still had them and now rural homeowners are being killed with no way to protect themselves. Therefore, gun legislation, at least alone, does not work. I think other points made in these comments about morality, instilling Judeo-Christian values, looking at our entertainment options for our youth, and protecting our loved ones and communities with legal weapons and first responders would all have to be a part of the real answer. Most people don't know what happens when a citizen purchases a gun - what kind of background check is run, what kind of training they have to have for concealed permits, etc. Without knowing this I would be very fearful and would be reacting as Kathleen and Marie are. Here in Florida there are waiting periods, education and training and background checks made. I don't own a gun but a friend of mine just had to go back and get re-fingerprinted for her concealed carry permit so I happen to know they are very thorough. Here's the outrage I have, did the mother have her guns locked in a safe? Did she allow her disturbed son access to the safe or the guns? We need so much more information. We need to have responsible gun ownership in that case! Let's find out and try to fix this before more incidents like these happen. PS: My college age son played a Call of Duty game when he was home with friends that was extremely scarey to me! It's like it is conditioning these young men to immediately shoot without thought of consequences and for a troubled and alienated person this is a training tool for mass murder.

Concerned in Florida said...

Whoops I want to state one other thing, if you all will tolerate me! In my comment I mentioned the Luby massacre and the Australian gun recall and just remembered I saw both very striking videos right here on this blog! Thank you so much Joni for educating us and informing us on the things we just are not hearing about in the main stream media. Gosh, I just don't trust my information sources anymore which is a good thing but means I always have to really dig for unbiased sources which sure is time consuming!
:+) Thanks for the discussion and all the different points of view!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Concerned in FL --you are so correct about not hearing things in the mainstream media. I mean, when you think about it, how many times do we sit down to watch the news and all we hear about is celebrity antics. There has to be more real news out there. I have a cousin who is a Ham operator and he listens to news and talks to people all over the world and he says that we hear nothing of what is going on. In my humble opinion, that sort of falls under the heading of censorship and is more than a little frightening. I would rather know what is going on in the world and formulate my reactions than to be blindsided.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mary from Michigan said...

A firearm is an inanimate object. A tool. A clip is an inanimate object. Therefore, efforts to limit either guns, clips or ammo are futile. We don't need gun control, we need criminal control.

Kathleen stated that the Founding Fathers used their muskets to hunt. She's right, they did. But they also used them as tools for self-defense and to free themselves from tyranny. At the time, some of their neighbors could have questioned why they needed MUSKETS, which were the high-tech semi-auto's of their time. They could have used hammers, swords, stones, arrows or other tools. But they chose to use the highest technology available to them, which was muskets. I choose to use the highest technology available to me: semi-auto's. They are SEMI-AUTOMATICS, NOT ASSAULT RIFLES. Joni is right: read the writings of George Mason. Educate yourself. The Militia they spoke of was "We the People" and they didn't fight, freeze and bleed in Valley Forge for our right to hunt. They wanted us to be free, and knew the only way we would remain free was to be able to fight tyranny.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

It is beyond scary what is happening in our country.